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Greece - Flotilla Cruise

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A Dream Swimming and Sailing Vacation on a Catamaran Yacht is the ultimate swimming vacation, is a Greek novel that takes readers on an amazing journey. From the stunning beaches of Greece to the islands and vibrant cities, this novel will provide readers with a unique and exciting experience. An amazing, unforgettable and unique experience. Secluded beaches, hidden coves and picturesque villages accessible only by sea.

Details & Registration

Vacations to this area are planned later this year.


We will update when registration opens.

Flotilla cruise - A flotilla consists of several yachts that sail together and create a sense of community and social gathering. All yachts are accompanied by a team of professional trainers and skippers. The cruise route will include a combination of sailing days and days of land excursions.

Catamaran - A catamaran is a spacious and luxurious yacht, very easy to maneuver and has a large sail area, which enables fast and stable sailing. It is an excellent choice for a swimming and sailing vacation that provides a high level of comfort and spaces for lounging and sunbathing. The yachts are equipped with all the modern facilities you need, including en suite bathrooms, air conditioning and fully equipped kitchens. Each yacht has 4 double cabins and 2 toilets/showers. Fully equipped kitchen, living room and spacious cockpit. Each yacht will sail with up to 8 participants (swimmers) + a skipper and a hostess who will also pamper us with beer and fine ouzo and we will also eat from her dishes. Sailing on a catamaran yacht allows you to experience the beautiful beaches and islands of Greece at a leisurely pace, with plenty of opportunities to anchor in secluded coves and swim in the crystal clear waters.

During the vacation the yacht will serve as our "home". We will live on the yacht, learn how to operate it, spend our nights in company. All in all, a swimming and sailing holiday on a catamaran flotilla in Greece offers a unique and unforgettable experience, combining luxury, adventure, social gatherings and beautiful scenery, all in one.


Sailing route:

  • Our dream cruise route from Athens, Elymos Marina (Kalmaki), along the coasts and islands of the Saroni and the Eastern Peloponnese. During the cruise we will anchor each night at a different island, and during the day we will wake up at dawn and after a pampering breakfast we will sail to the next island, we will stop for a dip and swim in the coves and clear blue waters, we will go down to the picturesque villages and towns and absorb a little of the culture and cuisine that characterizes Greece. Today we will sign the yacht.

  • Saturday 02/9/23: Arrival at the marina in Elymos where we will pick up our yachts, divide into teams, each team will settle in their yacht, we will carry out inspections and preparations of the yacht. We will stay in Elymos.

  • Sunday 03/09/23: We will start the voyage from Elimos to the island of Aegina (Aegina), a mountainous and fertile island of limestone and Tertiary stones, with isolated rounded hills of volcanic origin, we will absorb the Otani atmosphere of a fishing port.

  • Monday 04/09/23: We will leave Aegina and sail to Hydra Island. A long and narrow island located off the coast of southern Greece between the Saronic Gulf and associated with the Saronic Islands group and the Argolis Gulf.

  • Tuesday 05/09/23: We will leave the magical Hydra and sail to the island of Spetsa. Spetses is a small and charming island with great beaches.

  • Wednesday 06/09/23: Wednesday morning today we will sail to Hermione, the popular Greek resort town in the eastern Peloponnese, opposite the island of Hydra.

  • Thursday 09/07/2023: We will sail to the Greek island of Poros. It is a charming island that belongs to the group of Sauron islands located south of Athens.

  • Friday 09/08/2023: We will leave Poros and fly to the picturesque Perdika to the beautiful fishing village Perdika Aegina.

  • Saturday 09/09/23: The last day for the flotilla. In the beautiful cluster of islands in the Argosaroni Gulf we will sail back to Elymos Marina.

The price includes:

Extreme travel insurance**, training, transfers from the airport and back, breakfast and light lunch, snacks, skipper and hostess for the week for each catamaran.


The price does not include:

Flight, dinner in a tavern and everything that is not listed in the "price includes" section.

Want to hear more?

We’ll be happy to provide you with more details!

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