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Greece – Lefkada

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The magnificent beaches of Lefkada are among the most beautiful sites in Greece. Swimming in the clear, turquoise waters, with the island’s famous mountain ranges in the background, is a dreamlike experience that makes it one of the most highly recommended destinations close to Israel.

Details & Registration

Vacations to this area are planned later this year.


We will update when registration opens.


  • After a direct flight takes us to the island, you’ll be treated to the picturesque scenery of the island during a 75-minute minibus ride to the town. We’ll stay at a lovely apartment building near the bay, owned by a hospitable Israeli couple who go out of their way to ensure that their guests are having the best possible experience.  Nearby attractions include interesting shops, sociable cafes and taverns, and an array of fun-filled water sports. 

  • Every day we’ll swim off Lefkada’s pristine beaches, rated as some of the best in Europe.

  • We’ll nosh on delicious Greek cuisine while gazing at the stunning views around us, raise our cups with cheers, and experience Greece in its full glory.

  • We’ll spend one day cruising along the island, swimming in the open sea and exploring ancient caves.

Who is this trip suitable for?

  • Anyone who can swim freestyle at least 400 meters and wants to enjoy a spectacular vacation.


Extreme travel insurance and corona insurance, lodging, breakfast, car rental, and a one-day cruise, professional coaching by the Swim The Seas crew.


Not included:

Flights, lunch and dinner, insurance, tips.

Want to hear more?

We’ll be happy to provide you with more details!

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