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The Maldives


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The Maldives is one of the destinations defined as a "dream". The vacation in the Maldives can be done all year round because the water temperature is always around 29 degrees and so is the warm weather. Come and experience the splendor and beauty of the islands in one of the luxurious resorts located on the coastline.

Details & Registration

Vacations to this area are planned later this year.


We will update when registration opens.

Most of the resorts are located on private islands and offer accommodation "like in the movies".

Luxurious rooms offering a spectacular view of the clear sea and the white sand beach. In these resorts you will find a variety of pampering services such as private swimming pools and spa and treatment centers that offer care and services at the highest level.


The main activity on such a vacation will be swimming and snorkeling alongside the relaxation of lying in the sun between the entrances to the water.

A dream, did we say?

Summary of the schedule:

Day 1:

Arrival at the central Male Airport

Speedboat ride to the resort (around 40 minutes)

Arrival and entering the rooms

Wading at the resort beach


Day 2-5:

During the week we will swim and snorkel twice a day, explore our island and explore it in depth, work on improving technique and photograph you swimming. We will go on boat trips to places where you can see beautiful reefs, magnificent fish, manta rays, turtles and hopefully whale sharks.


Day 6:

A final rest, packing and getting ready for the return trip the next day...

About the place

Joy Resort is part of the Kakon Group, which specializes in building and operating resorts in the Maldives and around the world. The hotel opened last September and is a new resort that no one has heard of yet :-). The rooms reserved for us are villas on the beach. If you want to upgrade the rooms, check availability with us.

For more details about the resort, enter the following link >

Who is this trip suitable for?

The vacation was created for anyone who wants to create an experience of absolute splendor and peace.

The package includes:

6 nights on an A.I basis, accompanying coach, departure for daily cruises, personal insurance.


Not included:

Flights, any other marine activity offered on the island.​

Want to hear more?

We’ll be happy to provide you with more details!

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