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Sinai - Swimming & Diving Safari

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The Sinai coast along the Gulf of Eilat, connected to the Red Sea, is one of the finest nearby swimming and diving environments for a rejuvenating four-day getaway. Relax in comfort on a private yacht while cruising between a variety of marine destinations with spectacular views of the mountains in the background. Enjoy fascinating encounters with nature on the water, below the surface, and among the protected flora and fauna inland.

Details & Registration

Vacations to this area are planned later this year.


We will update when registration opens.


  • Border crossing at Taba and transfer to Dahab.

  • Warm up swim in Napoleon Reef; afternoon swim in Ras Abu Galum.

  • All day with two swimming sessions at the magnificent Ras Mamlah coral reef and cave.

  • Morning swim from the Bells to the Blue Hole, the famed underwater sinkhole and tunnel.

  • Swimming at Gaber el-Bint; lunch, followed by transfer back to Taba.

  • Optional scuba diving off the yacht.

  • (The schedule is subject to change to accommodate water conditions)

Who is this trip suitable for:

Anyone who can swim freestyle at least 300 meters and wants to experience the diverse environment near the tip of the Red Sea.


Extreme travel insurance, border crossing into the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt), coaching by Swim the Seas professionals, local guide, transportation in Sinai, all meals aboard the yacht, double cabins with private bathrooms, soft and hot beverages. 


Not included:

Israeli border crossing tax must be purchased on the Milgam website for the date of departure. Our meeting is at the Taba border (Begin crossing) - self-arrival, diving equipment rental for those who want to dive and don't bring their own equipment (if you rent it, you have to pay for equipment for 4 days even if you dived once), tips for the ship's crew $10 per day, any other thing if not included in the "price includes" section.

Want to hear more?

We’ll be happy to provide you with more details!

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