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Sinai - Parents and Kids

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Life flies by and what we are left with at the end are the memories... from school, single life, married life and... the highlight are memories from the children (and the grandchildren).

Especially for you, we have created a series of swimming vacations and experiential water activities for parents and children, which will leave unforgettable memories for you and for your children and deepen the bond between you at the most natural place - the sea.

Details & Registration

Vacations to this area are planned later this year.


We will update when registration opens.

The first part of the vacation will be in Sinai, on a modern and luxurious yacht and on a magical sailing route between Ras Mohammed and the Straits of Tiran. During the four days of the cruise we will swim, snorkel and get to know the wonderful underwater environment and the history above the water.

The first part of our swimming trips is "close to home", a short vacation where we will get to know you a little more in depth, have fun with the children above and under the water and of course we will train in order to advance to the next trip... the Maldives...

Summary of the schedule:

  • Arrival at the border at 13:00, crossing as a group with a local strait agent.

  • Get on the bus and drive for about 3 hours to Sharm el-Sheikh (a 30-minute stop in the middle of the road).

  • Arrival at the yacht in the afternoon, getting organized, briefing and filling out forms. Dinner and opening conversation.


Sailing route:

Departure from the marina in Sharm El Sheikh the day after arrival.

We will sail south and pass Ras Mohammed, the southernmost point of Sinai. From this point the Red Sea splits north into two gulfs - the western Suez Gulf and the eastern Eilat Bay. There we will have a number of mesmerizing swimming and snorkeling training sessions on the two mesmerizing days.

On the way to the Straits of Tiran we will stop at Shaev Mahmoud where there is a huge lagoon, bordered to the east by a belt of beautiful reefs.

And when we reach Straits of Tiran we will swim and snorkel around the breathtaking reefs.

  • Those who wish to dive will be able to do so along the entire route in Straits of Tiran and Ras Mohammed islands, which in itself is considered among the ten most beautiful diving and snorkeling sites in the world.

  • We will finish the last day at 11:00 am and proceed to the border crossing.

  • The swimming activity will be carried out by the professional staff throughout the day. There will be details about this separately before each swim.

  • Travel Insurance - Travel insurance that includes a COVID-19 clause is mandatory.

The price includes:

Extreme travel insurance and corona insurance, Egyptian border tax, transfers from the Taba border crossing to the yacht and back, accommodation in a cabin for two, all meals (3 a day), soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, guided swimming every day, the possibility of snorkeling and diving and a local diving guide for those who want to use their diving certificate on the trip - tanks and weights .


The price does not include:

Israeli border crossing tax must be purchased on the Milgam website for the date of departure. Our meeting is at the Taba border (Begin crossing) - self-arrival, diving equipment rental for those who want to dive and don't bring their own equipment (if you rent it, you have to pay for equipment for 4 days even if you dived once), tips for the ship's crew $10 per day, any other thing if not included in the "price includes" section.

Want to hear more?

We’ll be happy to provide you with more details!

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