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Swimming vacations

in the planet’s most idyllic surroundings

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Swim The Seas invites you to join us for memorable up-close encounters with Mother Nature in exclusive swimming vacations at exotic destinations around the world. Enjoy the tranquil freedom of gliding through open waters, then exploring the indigenous sights of the local landscapes, accompanied by professional coaches and guides in the water and on land. Choose from an eclectic range of picturesque locales and customized programs, evaluated and selected through years of personal visits to ensure that you’ll get an amazing experience no matter where you go.

Our Trips


Lefkada - Greece

The island of Lefkada is everything you could want in a Greek paradise. Located in the heart of the Pacific Ionian Sea, with stunning beaches of white sand and a thousand alternating shades of azure and turquoise, spectacular swimming areas, great food and good people. 


Poros - Greece

The island of Poros in Greece is a perfect destination for a swimming vacation. Azure beaches, picturesque alleys and a calm sea for swimming in the heart of the Seronian Gulf, east of the Peloponnese. In the swimming vacation with Swim the Seas, we will combine swimming training, trips to interesting destinations on the island and its surroundings, and of course, free time, where you can choose whether to ride a bike, snorkel, sail to nearby islands or simply - to rest. 


Maldives - Cruise

One of the most beautiful places in the world, above and below the water! This is definitely our favorite swimming vacation that combines sailing between magical islands, crazy swimming among dolphins, turtles, sharks, manta rays, millions of fish and more! Of course above the water is beauty incarnate, mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets and countless stars in the sky.


Maldives - Resort

The Maldives is one of the destinations defined as a "dream". The vacation in the Maldives can be done all year round because the water temperature is always around 29 degrees and so is the warm weather. Come and experience the splendor and beauty of the islands in one of the luxurious resorts located on the coastline.


The Philippines

A unique swimming vacation in the spectacular and captivating Philippine islands. During the vacation we will do guided swimming lessons along coral reefs and turquoise lagoons, meet marine animals, take guided tours to waterfalls and hot springs and visit nature reserves and gold beaches.


Greece - Flotilla

A Dream Swimming and Sailing Vacation on a Catamaran Yacht is the ultimate swimming vacation, is a Greek novel that takes readers on an amazing journey. From the stunning beaches of Greece to the islands and vibrant cities, this novel will provide readers with a unique and exciting experience. An amazing, unforgettable and unique experience. Secluded beaches, hidden coves and picturesque villages accessible only by sea.


French Riviera

It is not for nothing that the region of Provence in the south of France has become a tourist attraction. You can travel in Provence again and again and not for a week from the variety of green landscapes, the charming and picturesque villages, the colorful markets, the fine food, the fascinating culture and the vibrant cities full of French chic.



Were you looking for a swimming vacation in an exotic paradise? Palau is the perfect destination for you! In Palau you can swim in the clear ocean waters, with tropical fish and jellyfish (non-venomous), dive in magnificent coral reefs and walk in the unique mangrove forests. All this wonderful nature, together with a pampering hotel, close professional staff and some of the most special swimming sites in the world, make Palau a dream swimming vacation.



Eilat is the ultimate vacation destination, mainly because the Israeli winter is not really winter. Desert mountain air, blue sea, temporary disconnection from reality and good company - who needs more than that? Come with us for a weekend of silence, peace and swimming training for renewal and refreshment.



White sands and clear turquoise waters, against a backdrop of green and magical mountain scenery, create a perfect scenery for a quiet and peaceful vacation, one that combines colorful diving sites and trips to the picturesque islands.



Join us for a pampering swimming vacation in Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, which makes it a perfect destination for a quality vacation experience. The weather in Sardinia is great for a swimming holiday in all seasons thanks to sunny summers, warm springs and mild winters.

Reviews from our clients


We went with Ben to the Maldives on a swimming and diving trip. We felt that we were well cared for from the start. That trip was something otherworldly, and we’d like to recommend it to all swimmers, as well as couples who missed their honeymoon – or those who want another one. We can’t wait for our next trip…

Avi and Inbal


I went with Ben to the Maldives – amazing guides and coaches. Very patient and thoughtful, even towards those who aren’t as young and are swimming a bit slower than the rest. It’s a special experience – feeling the sea and seeing the amazing life that’s happening underwater. Highly recommended to all sea lovers



An unforgettable experience for anyone who loves to swim. Ben and Karina – thank you for organizing everything so neatly, your warm attitude, and your professional coaching. You can’t ask for more – simply a must



Great organization, unforgettable experiences, amazing places, quality people, professional coaches. Highly recommended!


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