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Swimming vacations

in the planet’s most idyllic surroundings

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Swim The Seas invites you to join us for memorable up-close encounters with Mother Nature in exclusive swimming vacations at exotic destinations around the world. Enjoy the tranquil freedom of gliding through open waters, then exploring the indigenous sights of the local landscapes, accompanied by professional coaches and guides in the water and on land. Choose from an eclectic range of picturesque locales and customized programs, evaluated and selected through years of personal visits to ensure that you’ll get an amazing experience no matter where you go.

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Our Trips


Kingdom of Jordan

If you have laid eyes on the kingdom only from afar, this is your opportunity to experience the other side of the Jordan River in a unique pairing of swimming with a visit to Petra and Wadi Rum.

Greece – Lefkada

The magnificent beaches of Lefkada are among the most beautiful sites in Greece. Swimming in the clear, turquoise waters, with the island’s famous mountain ranges in the background, is a dreamlike experience that makes it one of the most highly recommended destinations close to Israel.


The Maldives

This corner of paradise is our favorite destination, both on the water and beneath the waves. You’ll live on a luxurious 40-meter yacht while cruising among the marvelous atolls and swimming with dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, mantas, and multitudes of exotic fish.


The Philippines

It’s a truly wondrous experience - swimming and snorkeling in turquoise lagoons among coral reefs and marine life, combined with guided hikes to scenic inland sites. You’ll be treated to a comprehensive immersion in nature at its most fascinating places. We’ll be staying at two different resorts so we can encounter more of the Philippines.



White sands and clear turquoise waters, against a backdrop of enchanting green mountain scenery, create a perfect view for a quiet and relaxing vacation, one that combines colorful dive sites and excursions to the picturesque islands.


Egypt - Sharm el-Sheikh

The Sinai coast along the Gulf of Eilat, connected to the Red Sea, is one of the finest nearby swimming and diving environments for a rejuvenating four-day getaway. 



Swimming vacation in Eilat - the sunset paints the sea red, the endless diving, the colorful coral islands, the rich marine life, the dolphins... Sounds like a dream we know. 

Swimming vacation in the north of Israel - details coming soon.


Other Trips

The Swim The Seas team is working on putting together unforgettable swimming vacations in other exotic places around the world. For more details, click here.

Reviews from our clients


We went with Ben to the Maldives on a swimming and diving trip. We felt that we were well cared for from the start. That trip was something otherworldly, and we’d like to recommend it to all swimmers, as well as couples who missed their honeymoon – or those who want another one. We can’t wait for our next trip…

Avi and Inbal


I went with Ben to the Maldives – amazing guides and coaches. Very patient and thoughtful, even towards those who aren’t as young and are swimming a bit slower than the rest. It’s a special experience – feeling the sea and seeing the amazing life that’s happening underwater. Highly recommended to all sea lovers



An unforgettable experience for anyone who loves to swim. Ben and Karina – thank you for organizing everything so neatly, your warm attitude, and your professional coaching. You can’t ask for more – simply a must



Great organization, unforgettable experiences, amazing places, quality people, professional coaches. Highly recommended!


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